Tasha R. Westbrook, Maine

"I wanted to say how much I appreciate the great job your company did on my driveway!! It looks amazing and your customer service was above and beyond!! The previous company had not come close to the quality or care that was provided!!
Thank you so much"

Craig S. Casco, Maine

I knew that I was looking for more than I could possibly expect to receive when I hired Joe and his team to tackle a very involved excavation and paving project requiring several extras including new culverts and huge stump removals, as well as many other specifics. To my astonishment, Poole Brothers far surpassed my expectations by not only meeting all of my requests, but in many cases surpassing them. I know that I must have driven the crew insane breathing down their neck every day they were working on my project, but you would never know it as they were always responsive, respectful and positive from start to finish.

I have nothing but praise to you and your whole family of hard working down to Earth local people. You certainly aim to please.

Thanks Joe!